([Pronounced reh-VAL] An ancient name for Tallinn, Estonia)
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Reval / Ryo Kawasaki
Song Titles :
1. Maximillian 5:20(Ryo Kawasaki)
2. You Don't Know What Love is 4:59(DePaul-Raye)
3. Long Ingliska 4:56(Estonian Melodie)*
4. Waltz for Dodo 4:23(Ryo Kawasaki)*
5. Trinkets and Things 5:57(Ryo Kawasaki)
6. Tane's Dream 4:51(Ryo Kawasaki)*
7. Pirje 4:14(Ryo Kawasaki)
8. People Make the World Go Around 4:47(Thorn Bell-Linda Creed)
9. Freedom Jazz Dance 6:12(Eddie Harris)
10. Giant Steps 3:50(John Coltrane)
11. Blue Bossa 7:09(Kenny Dorham)

Ryo Kawasaki : Guitars
Toivo Unt : Double Bass
Aivar Vassiljev : Drums
Kristi Keel : English Horn*

Anne Erm & Ryo at Estonian radio during on-air
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Excecutive Producer : Anne Erm
Producer : Ryo Kawasaki
Co-Producer : Toivo Unt
Recorded 20,21 May 2000 : Mixed 3,4 June 2000, at Estonian Radio 2, Studio
Recorded & Mixed by Madio Maadik: assisted by Meelis Pungas
Mastered by Tom Brick at Absolute Audio inc, New York, NY
Cover Photos by Pirje Laagus

Ryo, Toivo and Aivar at Sossi club in Tallinn

Kristi at Estonian Opera House Cafeteria

The new century begins with a fresh direction for jazz master Ryo Kawasaki. Traveling to Estonia [Reval is an ancient name for their capital Tallinn], he has formed a flawless trio whose artistry will captivate you. Those familiar with the work of the guitar legend will be drawn to the acoustic sound of this recording. The work is reflective of how well Ryo, Toivo Unt and Aivar Vassilijev perform together as a whole. This is a melting of Eastern styles, both European and Japanese, mixed with Ryo's own strongly felt Western influences.

Listeners will find the old Ryo [Trinkets and Things] transforming into the new [Long Ingliska, an Estonian melody adapted for jazz]. The haunting melodies and bold new sound will satisfy all with an ear to hear.

Like other titles in his career, Reval [pronounced reh-VAL] is an inspired work from Master Kawasaki and one that you will listen to again and again.

"It is so wonderful to hear your amazing guitar playing with "air" around it! Every note is very clear and the tone of your guitar is what guitarists like me would love to figure out one day in our life - How did you do that?

"Congratulations, Master Ryo, it is not often that one gets to hear such genius coming from one place! Your sense of melody, passion, ability and unique phrasing are simply astonishing. "

- Michael Moryc -

Recording at Estonian radio studio

Aivar, Ryo, Kristi and Toivo
by the wall of Estonian Opera House

Tallinn-Estonia (Photo by Pirje Laagus)