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Yamaha VQ player
Click here to download VQF player beta(1.42MB).

Now, Click here to download VQF(44.1 khz/96kbps) sample of "Agana" by Ryo Kawasaki(1.82MB).

V.S. MP3
Click here to download the latest version of Winamp(520KB).

Now, Click here to download MP3(44.1 khz/128kbps) sample of "Agana" by Ryo Kawasaki(2.43MB).

* Our server will allow you to resume download in case you receive time out while downloading any of our MP3/VQF files. In other words, you'll be able to continue your downloading from where you previously
left off for the next trial.

These two files(VQF and MP3) were encoded from the same original Wav file which was recorded and mastered directly from live to digital in 44.1 khz 20bit PCM.
As you can see, the file size for VQF is much smaller than MP3 file for the same length using lower kbps rate. Yet, it delivers higher precision of the sound quality than MP3 especially if the listener pays attention to the sound of cymbal decay which is the most difficult task for the lower resolution audio file being compressed. So, what do you think?..Please feel free to contact us about your opinion using the above feedback link and it can be either English or Japanese, or just sit back and enjoy the development of the internet audio technology.

If you like, we posted another VQF sample here for your ear candy by our artist East Bounce. Please click here to download VQF(1.5MB..44.1 khz/80kbps) sample of the song called "Somewhere I Never Traveled" which was a smash hit on America's smooth jazz stations during the late 90's.. And it sounds great on VQF even it was using 80kbps encoding. The file size becomes 62% of MP3 file using 128kbps encoding for the same length, but VQF/80k still sounds better than MP3/128k.

New Feature!
We added two more VQF tracks(full length) from Ryo's classic acid jazz album "Mirror Of My Mind" featuring Harvey Mason on drums, Michael Brecker on Tenor saxophone, Anthony Jackson on Bass, Leon Pendarvis for Orchestration and Radha Shottam on vocals. click here to go there..

We'll post more sample files from our releases for your enjoyment in both formats in the near future. Please stay in tune!...

For more information about VQF and find variety of players/encoders for different platforms, please visit VQF PLANET and MP3 for MP3.COM.

The sample track for this comparison was taken from one of our releases called "Live" Ryo Kawasaki & Golden Dradon ..Live to 2 track digital recording. Also, you can view the full length vidoe clip of this recording at our Video Page.

Download kjofol VQF/MP3 player

Produced by Ryo Kawasaki Copyright 1997-2006, NY, Satellites Records